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Water Module

Water Module

Essential questions: 
When you use water at home or school, where does that water come from?
What is the water-energy nexus?
What is a water portfolio?
What are the major components of your community’s water portfolio?
Why is a water portfolio necessary in your community?
How can you design a water purification system that is economically and environmentally beneficial to society?

The Water-Energy Nexus (Kickoff): Students will design and construct a model of a section of their community’s water infrastructure. Students will focus on their school’s water source.

Water Portfolio: Students will conduct research to find out their community’s water portfolio. Students will collect water samples from various locations in their community and test them for approved contaminants.

Filtration Stations: Students will become engineers and design a water purification system. They will review the engineering design process as they use it during their investigation.

Community/Career Connections: Students will utilize localized climate data and news from their communities to learn more about what’s going on in their own backyard. Students will have access to various resources to understand the environmental justice history of their area and start to plan their Student Action Project.