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Stage 1: Why I Choose to Investigate Water and Energy

Stage 1: Why I Choose to Investigate Water and Energy

Essential questions: 
What is my role now and in the future to help ensure my community has the healthy water and energy resources it needs to thrive?

Providing context to energy and water consumption and technology, this getting started unit will build student’s knowledge on how they are affected by water/energy and how their actions affect water/energy. Students will also begin their journey with becoming a STEMhero- a professional that uses energy/water data in their career.

Students will begin their STEMhero journey by developing a realization of their dependence on water and energy. Learning how technology and consumption these resources can create an impact on the environment, both positively and negatively, builds the context for a more in depth investigation of how their behaviors can impact the world.
Afterwards, students will explore real STEMheroes and explore how their experiences and characteristics are similar. This reflection will inspire students to complete their self-assessment on their attitudes, prior knowledge, and behaviors on energy and water.

There are also cross-curricular options for teachers to integrate as well. For example, there are opportunities for scholars to incorporate literacy into their learning and communications as well.

STEMhero PD:
Personalized professional development sessions are available from STEMhero covering how all students can participate, special considerations for students in housing insecurity situations, best practices for starting unit and engaging families, choosing a final assessment. See an example professional development video below.

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