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Roots of Success

1231 2nd St.
Berkeley, CA 94710
United States
(510) 470-0803

Roots of Success is an empowering educational program that prepares youth and adults who come from communities heavily impacted by poverty, unemployment, and environmental injustice for environmental careers and to improve conditions in their communities. The program prepares individuals for over 125 environmentally focused jobs and career pathways.

It is the only environmental literacy and job readiness program created specifically for youth and adults who have been failed by the education system and have barriers that make it difficult for them to access stable, family-supporting jobs and restrict their opportunities.

The program is used by: prisons, jails, juvenile facilities, reentry programs, job training programs, pre-apprenticeship programs, youth programs, high schools, government agencies, and community-based organizations, among others.

Programs use Roots of Success because the teaching approach and materials engage youth and adults who have struggled in school, strengthen their academic and professional skills, increase their environmental literacy, prepare them for over 150 careers, and inspire them to become leaders in their communities and in society more broadly.

The curriculum is multimedia and activity-based, and can be taught as a stand-alone course or integrated into an existing program. There are customized versions for different populations: youth, adults, incarcerated youth and adults, Spanish-speaking populations, and social entrepreneurs.