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Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable

Museo de Ciencias No. 133
Tlanepantla MEX 54050
+521 55 66 30 12 52

Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable is an organization that promotes innovation in education through the research and development of educational programs and digital resources. It is supported by a group of affiliates that aid in the evolution of the Sustainable Intelligence curriculum, such as the research division of Instituto Thomas Jefferson.

As educational developers, our goal is to transform the next generations into sustainable thinkers and doers, guiding and preparing tomorrow`s leaders for the mind-shift that is already happening worldwide. We bring the future in education to today’s classrooms.

RIS is proud to be working in partnership with EcoRise Youth Innovations in a unique international venture. The multidisciplinary team at RIS, composed of pedagogues, teachers, educational psychologists, educational technology specialists, neuropsychologists and environmental specialists, has written and designed K-12 lessons currently available in English and Spanish and adapted them culturally for Latin American and international consumers.

Our exciting Sustainable Intelligence Curriculum promotes environmental literacy by incorporating sustainable intelligence into the entire K-12 curriculum. The development of sustainable intelligence through education will catalyze positive changes for students in their homes, schools, communities, and throughout the world.

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Sustainable Intelligence is an engaging, ready-to-use K-12 curriculum that builds a foundation of environmental-literacy and sustainability knowledge across seven eco-themes.

Inteligencia Sustentable es un currículo de K-12 atractivo y listo para usar que construye una base de conocimientos de alfabetización ambiental y sostenibilidad a través de siete temas ecológicos.