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Activity 1: Humans and Water

150 minutes
Primary subjects: 
6, 7, 8
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In this lesson, students learn the value of clean freshwater and the natural processes that ensure an adequate supply of usable freshwater. In activity 1, students learn about the importance of water quality for human health and agriculture. Students brainstorm the different ways that people use water, from household use to industry and agriculture. Statistics related to the quantity of water on the planet help students understand that water is a finite resource. Students relate their own activities to the water supply to put their own consumption in activities. Students then brainstorm various threats to the water supply.

Key objectives for students
Describe the key indicators of water quality.
Describe the key parts of the water cycle.
Describe the volume of water on Earth in relation to Earth’s total volume.
Explain the importance of water quality as it relates to water being a limited resource.
Characterize the different parts of the water cycle and how they are impacted by human activity.
Generalize about the impacts of water quality on human health.
Water, natural resources, Filtration
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