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Sustainable Cities: Nature-Based Solutions in Urban Design Part 2

45 minutes
Alternately, this part could be assigned as homework.
Primary subjects: 
9, 10, 11, 12
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In Part 2, students explore the ways in which humans have changed the environment. If students have computer access at home, this part of the lesson could be conducted as homework since the exploration takes place online. Sustainable cities are much more than places where humans and nature coexist productively – they are cities in which all people, regardless of their race, color, income and so on have equal access to a healthy environment in which they can flourish. In designing sustainable cities, planners must incorporate environmental justice ideals and more broadly – social justice.

Key objectives for students
Investigate and describe how humans have shaped the Earth and define “Anthropocene.”
Secondary subjects
Biology, Environmental Science
sustainability, Urban Design, Environmental justice, Human Use
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