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Many Types of Public Spaces

Authored by EcoRise and Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable

100 minutes
Two 50-minute sessions
Primary subjects: 
Arts, Civics and Government, Reading or Language Arts
3, 4
Average: 5 (1 vote)

In this lesson, students go on a virtual tour, viewing examples of indoor and outdoor public spaces. Then they design and create an accordion book to tell a story about at least two indoor and two outdoor public spaces. Students then share their stories with each other to build awareness about and enjoyment of great community resources. The Extend activities get students thinking on a deeper level about the value of public spaces and the purposes they serve in the lives of individuals and communities.

Key objectives for students
Define public space.
Describe and give examples of outdoor public spaces.
Describe and give examples of indoor public spaces.
Write a story about and then build a book featuring indoor and outdoor public spaces.
Secondary subjects
Community Education, Environmental Education, History, Mathematics
Public space, Accordion book
Communication skills, Critical Thinking, Digital citizenship, Systems thinking
Curiosity, Mindfulness, Optimism
Brain-Based Learning, Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple Intelligences, Real-World Application, Technology Integration
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