My Space?

Authored by EcoRise and Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable

80 minutes
Two 40-minute sessions
Primary subjects: 
Civics and Government, Science
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In the first session of this lesson, students hear about a boy named Mike who doesn’t respect the personal space of others and so has trouble making friends. They discuss the importance of respecting the personal space of others, learn how to measure personal space, and then use hula hoops to further explore personal space. In the second session, students learn what it means to invade someone’s personal space. They participate in a role-playing exercise that will help them understand the reactions of people who feel their personal space is being invaded. The lesson ends with students connecting the ideas of personal and public space by creating a drawing to show the importance of respecting the personal space of others when visiting public spaces.

Key objectives for students
Define personal space.
Identify and measure their own personal space.
Recognize clues that someone’s personal space is being invaded.
Describe how personal space can be managed in a public area.
Secondary subjects
Arts, Environmental Education, Mathematics, Reading or Language Arts
personal space, respect, social skills
Collaboration, Communication skills, Critical Thinking, Systems thinking
Empathy, Mindfulness, Resilience
Brain-Based Learning, Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple Intelligences, Real-World Application
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