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Drastic Drought

Authored by EcoRise and Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable

160 minutes
Four 40-minute sessions
Primary subjects: 
Environmental Education, Science
5, 6
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In this lesson, students form a scientific understanding of a drought and the conditions that cause it. They also explore the consequences of a drought and identify personal and global actions to help prevent and cope with droughts. Knowledge development in this lesson is self- and co-constructed, as students work together in groups to create a news story that describes a significant historical drought or drought conditions in a nearby region. They present their findings to the class, along with details about actions taken to alleviate the drought and steps they can personally take to use water responsibly.

Key objectives for students
Form a scientific understanding of the conditions that cause a drought.
Explain common consequences of a drought.
Describe a specific drought in a nearby region or a drought of historical importance.
Explain specific personal and community steps that can be taken to reduce the effects of and cope with droughts.
Secondary subjects
Art, History, Language Arts, Music, Social Studies
water usage, water conservation, Drought
Collaboration, Communication skills, Critical Thinking, Digital citizenship, Systems thinking
Curiosity, Global Leadership, Mindfulness, Optimism
Brain-Based Learning, Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple Intelligences, Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application, Technology Integration
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