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What Is Energy?

Essential questions
How do our bodies use energy?
How does food affect our bodies?
What does the sun have to do with energy?
What are some examples of how the sun is useful to us on Earth?

MODULE OVERVIEW: (Estimated total time needed: About four 45-minute class periods)
This module includes the following lessons:

Lesson 1: Eco-Activity: I Am Energy (Estimated time needed: 35 minutes)
In this lesson, students learn that one way to think about energy is as movement. Through a fun dancing activity followed by a calming breathing exercise, students are encouraged to pay attention to different sensations within their body and how those sensations relate to energy. In the process, students learn valuable tools for relieving stress and managing anxiety.

Lesson 2: Eco-Activity: Energize Me! (Estimated time needed: Two 30-minute sessions)
In this lesson, students further explore the idea that they need energy and that they get energy from food. Through flashcards, discussion, movement activities, sensory activities, and reflection time, students have multiple opportunities to understand the link between food and energy and between healthy eating and balanced energy.

Lesson 3: Eco-101: Touched by the Sun (Estimated time needed: 35 minutes)
In this lesson, students craft hanging suns that they then use to gather energy—warmth—from the sun. They use their senses to learn about the sun in various contexts, and they recognize and describe ways in which the sun is valuable to us, including as a source of energy. Students then share what they’ve learned by decorating their hanging sun to express what we love about the sun.

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