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School Waste Eco-Audit: Wrapping Up

Authored by EcoRise and Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable

165 minutes
Three 55-minute sessions
Primary subjects: 
Career and Technical Education (CTE): Architecture & Construction, Career and Technical Education (CTE): STEM, Science
11, 12
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In this lesson, students synthesize their data and ideas from Lesson 2. They share their results with the class and evaluate the effectiveness of the eco-audit. Students then strategize as a class and in small groups to plan how to recommend progressive changes to more effectively manage waste resources on campus.

Key objectives for students
Synthesize and share conclusions from their waste eco-audit.
Compare and contrast the results of other teams’ waste eco-audits.
Evaluate the strengths and limitations of the information they gathered during the waste eco-audit.
Create a plan for implementing changes on campus to more effectively manage wastes.
Secondary subjects
Civics and Government, Economics, Environmental Education, Mathematics
Waste, waste management, Trash, garbage, Conservation, reclamation, reduce, reuse, recycle, upcycle
Collaboration, Communication skills, Creative problem solving, Critical Thinking, Digital citizenship, Systems thinking
Curiosity, Global Leadership, Mindfulness, Optimism, Resilience
Brain-Based Learning, Design Thinking, Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple Intelligences, Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application, Technology Integration
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