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School Waste Eco-Audit: Exploring

Authored by EcoRise and Representaciones e Inteligencia Sustentable

165 minutes
Three 55-minute sessions
Primary subjects: 
11, 12
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This lesson begins with an introduction to green schools and a discussion about the value of a campus waste eco-audit. Then students launch an investigation into how waste is generated at the school. They work in groups to survey how much traditional waste is generated on campus as well as to survey the amounts of various types of recyclables, compost, and e-waste generated at the school.

Key objectives for students
Define and describe composting, recycling, and e-waste.
Describe materials that can be recycled in your community.
Analyze the types of waste generated on your campus.
Analyze the system for waste management on your campus.
Explain why waste management is a priority for society.
Secondary subjects
Arts, Civics and Government, Economics, Environmental Education, Mathematics, Reading or Language Arts
Audit, green school, recycling, Waste, e-waste, municipal waste, Biodegradable, landfill, leachate, incineration, Compost, upcycle, sustainable economics
Collaboration, Communication skills, Creative problem solving, Critical Thinking, Systems thinking
Curiosity, Global Leadership, Mindfulness
Brain-Based Learning, Design Thinking, Multi-Disciplinary, Multiple Intelligences, Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application, Technology Integration
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