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Biomimicry Design Challenge

60 minutes
Allocate 45-60 minutes for this activity
Primary subjects: 
Engineering, Mathematics, Science, Technology
6, 7, 8
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Humans have put immense pressure on our planet by using products and practicing behaviors detrimental to the environment. In order to protect our natural world, we need to find new ways to provide for our growing population while not degrading our ecosystems. Nature has survived for millennia, with animals, plants, and bacteria demonstrating how they are natural problem solvers and survivors. Scientists and engineers are using processes found in nature as a basis for innovative solutions to human challenges. In this activity, students will take inspiration from the adaptations of some of their favorite species to develop an idea to solve a current problem facing our environment.

Key objectives for students
Define biomimicry and give examples.
Develop a design strategy based on traits found in nature.
Explain how nature can teach us how to build a more sustainable future.
Biomimicry, Engineering, Technology
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