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Fundamentals of Energy

Energy, Innovation and Design
9, 10, 11, 12
Essential questions
What are the main challenges experienced by our current energy grid?
What are the main challenges experienced by our current energy grid?
How does the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance affect the functionality of an electrical circuit?

The SEI Fundamentals of Energy and Electricity unit introduces students to key energy systems concepts, including energy sources, power demand and demand response, and energy policy. Students map the pathway of electricity from the power plant to its end use to investigate the components, functionality, and challenges of the energy grid. Through discussion and exercises, they identify the processes, inefficiencies, and environmental ramifications of electricity generation and transmission.
Additionally, students explore the relationships between current, voltage, and resistance, and practice hands on with simple electrical circuits to solidify their understanding of these elementary concepts. Additionally, students calculate the monetary cost and CO2 emissions resulting from operating electrical devices, emphasizing the need for energy conservation and efficiency.

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