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Climate Change

Energy, Innovation and Design
9, 10, 11, 12
Essential questions
What are the causes of climate change and the consequences on the environment and human activities?
How do we participate in sustaining the conditions for life on Earth through our actions, lifestyles, and energy systems?
What are the key opportunities for innovation and careers that improve energy systems and reduce environmental impacts for a more equitable world?

The SEI Climate Change unit leads students through the basic science of climate change through hands-on climate science demonstrations, online activities, and research to explore the scientific causes and consequences of climate change. Students are introduced to the fundamental processes related to climate change, such as the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect. This foundation allows students to analyze climate trends and anthropogenic impacts. Students dive deeper into their own carbon footprints and investigate their own behaviors that contribute the most emissions. Finally, students draw the connection between environmental justice and the negative impacts of climate change by navigating the CalEnviroScreen tool. Following this unit, students will be equipped to analyze opportunities to address climate change and other pressing sustainability challenges.

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