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Lower Elementary 2: What is a green building standard?

55 minutes
Suggest splitting between two class periods
Primary subjects: 
Environmental Education, Reading or Language Arts, Science
Kindergarten, 1, 2
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This lesson expands on a student’s understanding of green building and sustainability through a card game, an interactive activity, and class discussion, and introduces the concept of standards in improving and understanding one’s progress, all in the context of green buildings.

Key objectives for students
Understand the goals and intentions of a green building
Understand how benchmarks are used to improve performance
Secondary subjects
Environmental Education
green buildings, sustainability, green schools
Collaboration, Communication skills, Creative problem solving, Critical Thinking, Systems thinking
Curiosity, Empathy, Global Leadership, Mindfulness, Optimism, Resilience
Brain-Based Learning, Design Thinking, Multi-Disciplinary, Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application
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