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Building Learners Program

Innovation and Design
Essential questions
How can we use data and benchmarks to make my school building more efficient?
How can we use models to understand green buildings?
How does my behavior impact the efficiency of my school building?
How can we use what we learn from green buildings to help our community achieve its sustainability goals?

By using the building as a laboratory for STEM learning, students are empowered to propose data-driven solutions for healthier, more efficient school environments.

How does Building Learners support student learning?

  • Standards-aligned, hands-on lessons on green building and benchmarking
  • Online self-guided trainings on student engagement, technical knowledge and project management
  • Support from a local green building professional mentor
  • Access to Arc, an online sustainability benchmarking platform
  • Resource library for teachers with lesson planning and project management tools

How does my class participate in Building Learners?

  • Check out the lessons and resources below, plan your program and connect with a USGBC local community to find a green building mentor
  • Option to purchase one or more subscriptions to Learning Lab to access hundreds of lessons to support your Building Learners experience

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