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Log in, Record a Reading and Establish a Baseline

Authored by STEMhero

30 minutes
Primary subjects: 
6, 7, 8
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At the end of Module One, students accurately input their first meter reading into the STEMhero software and create a plan for collecting at least three more readings to establish a baseline of their actual water and/or energy consumption.

Key objectives for students
​​Students gather data from their meters, and record online their first meter reading
Secondary subjects
Mathematics, Science, Technology
Time Exercise Description
20 minutes Log in and Enter your meter reading Break students into small groups to enter their individual meter readings
5 minutes Assign Homework​ Assign ​­ STEMhero Mission: Log in, Record a Reading and Establish a Baseline. Enter a second reading at home.
5 minutes Writing Prompt Student reflection: Spotting errors

Entering your reading (We recommend that this first reading be entered in class to ease student anxiety and ensure success. However, it may also be assigned as homework especially if time and online access are especially constrained.):

  • Students should have the reading on their Draw My Meter sheet verified by at least three other students
  • Students should follow the instructions in the Mission: Log in, Record a Reading and Build a Baseline
  • Students should follow the instructions on Entering a Reading sheet in their notebook to record their first meter reading.
    • STEMhero Notebook Resource: Record a Meter Reading
Reflection Questions

Writing prompt for student reflection: Spotting errors

As humans, we scientists and engineers often make mistakes and may accidentally take inaccurate readings. What strategies can we use to catch a mistake when we make one and enter an inaccurate measurement or reading?

Potential answers: ­

  • Do our readings make sense or are they impossible ­­ such as showing a negative amount of water used, or showing that millions of gallons of water were used in a single day. Such impossible readings likely indicate that a decimal in the reading was placed in the wrong spot. ­
  • Compare our measurements with others and ask, “are our readings different beyond what is reasonable?”
Standards assessment

The Stage 1: Identify and read real data sources module overall is aligned with the following standards:

  • CCSS ELA-­Literacy.RST (6­8.3-6­8.4); ISTE: (3, 3b, 6, 6a)