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Green Living - Exploring Biomimicry: Learning from Nature

Authored by Dream in Green

60 minutes
Lesson can be extended if students need more time to work independently at home – One class can be added for the presentations
Primary subjects: 
Career and Technical Education (CTE): STEM, Engineering, Environmental Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology
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This lesson introduces students to the concept of biomimicry. We explore real life examples of how engineers, designers, and other professions take inspiration form nature. Students are then encouraged to plan, design, and build an object that shows the concept of biomimicry.

Key objectives for students
Define and identify examples of biomimicry in current inventions
Identify how nature’s adaptations lent towards its efficiency
Understand the relationship between an object’s form and function
Recognize ways plants and animals, including humans, learn from their environment
Secondary subjects
Computer Science
Innovation, industrial engineering, scientific method
Collaboration, Communication skills, Creative problem solving, Critical Thinking
Curiosity, Resilience
Design Thinking, Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application, Technology Integration
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