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Green Living: Identifying Green Businesses in Your Community

Authored by Dream in Green

135 minutes
Estimated time includes individual work done outside the classroom: 60 minutes; Class 1 session - 45 minutes; Class 2 session - 30 minutes
Primary subjects: 
Career and Technical Education (CTE): Architecture & Construction, Economics
6, 7, 8
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This lesson introduces students to “green businesses” and “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”. We break down the types of businesses and products to identify and categorize the service and ratings of how “green” they are. The lesson includes identifying potential greenwashing practices to attract consumers. Students are then encouraged to explore their neighborhood for local businesses and identify any green practices, and then collect and identify local green businesses, services, and products.

Key objectives for students
Define and identify green businesses and products
Provide various examples of local green businesses in their area
Identify impact of Corporate Social Responsibility practices and policies on large corporations
Identify and categorize product goods and services that are labeled eco-friendly
Secondary subjects
Environmental Education, Reading or Language Arts, Social Studies
Entrepreneurship, Business Model, Corporate Social Responsibility
Communication skills, Critical Thinking
Curiosity, Global Leadership
Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application
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