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What Can We Do? How to Move Ideas into Action

50 minutes
Primary subjects: 
Civics and Government
9, 10, 11, 12
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Lesson 1 introduces students to a basic tool of civic engagement: how to turn passion and ideas into organized, effective game-changing action plans. Using short videos and stories about their peers who are organizing for climate justice, students analyze, identify, and discuss the basic elements of SMART action plans. Peer learning and interactive exercises nurture self-efficacy and support the role of young citizens in creating a more sustainable and democratic society.

Key objectives for students
Describe the concept and basic elements of SMART action plans.
Create and implement game-changing action plans.
Explain the role of youth in effecting social and political change.
Understand how participation in civic life can help a citizen attain personal and professional goals.
Secondary subjects
Environmental Education
Game-Changing SMART Action Plans, 1st Amendment rights, Climate change, Fossil Fuel Divestment, Greenhouse Gases Emissions, Transportation
Collaboration, Communication skills, Creative problem solving, Critical Thinking, Systems thinking
Empathy, Global Leadership, Mindfulness
Project-Based Learning, Real-World Application
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