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Tiger Toolkit

Natural Systems
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The tiger toolkit provides a resource guide, illustrated reading material, and six subject-integrated activities around this iconic species, the threats they face, and what we can do to protect tigers for generations to come. Included are activity plans involving reading, writing, science/STEM, social studies, arts and crafts, and physical education. Teach the full toolkit to truly inspire your students to take action to conserve tigers and forests. Download available for free at

Resources in this module include:

  • Educator’s Resource Guide: The tiger resource guide is designed to give you all the information you need to teach your students about tigers and their habitats. The guide provides fun tiger facts, why they matter, what threats they face, what WWF is doing to help tigers and the forests where they live, and what kids can do. It also includes a fun tiger word puzzle and comic book reading activity to do with your students.
  • The Missing Piece: Students participate in a fun engineering challenge to learn about the problems forest ecosystems are faced with when they lose one of the star players-tiger. By using team-building skills and inquiry-based techniques, students will gain insight into the interconnectivity of natural systems.
  • Do the “Write” Thing for Tigers: This explanatory and persuasive writing exercise gives students a fun way to develop their own sense of empowerment. Students will learn about tigers and the threats they face, then compose a letter on why it is important to protect them.
  • Trees and Tigers: Using a discovery and data collection exercise, students uncover the immense number of products humans use that come from the forest.
  • I’m Proud of My Stripes: Students can celebrate their artistic and creative individuality by designing their own unique tiger mask while learning about tiger’s physical characteristics.
  • Deforestation Musical Chairs: This tiger-themed twist on a classic game will allow students to understand how poorly managed or illegal deforestation affects tigers around the world.
  • A Look Through a Tiger’s Eyes: Students will express their imagination and use creative writing skills by putting themselves in a tiger’s world. Students will use tiger facts and information to compose a descriptive journal entry from the tiger’s point of view.

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