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Planning for a Green Career

180 minutes
Primary subjects: 
Career and Technical Education (CTE)
9, 10, 11, 12
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In this lesson students get an in-depth look into a global, sustainability-focused organization. A case study provides a situated context for understanding how broad and still-evolving ideas, such as sustainability and sustainability professionals, are becoming more established.

The students continue to research a field of interest including setting up and conducing an informational interview. This experience will help students make connections and gain confidence that will be valuable to them as they prepare for their own personal career journey.

Students will conclude by creating an action plan to meet their green career goals.

If you want to understand how a LEED Green Associate Credential can support student career success, download a LEED Green Associate brochure: Tri-fold brochure or one-page handout. Or check out the LEED Green Associate Exam Prep lessons in Learning Lab.

Key objectives for students
Locate and identify career opportunities that appeal to personal career goals.
Articulate career goals and identified steps to take toward this goal.
green careers
Communication skills
Real-World Application
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