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Your Career Goals

130 minutes
9, 10, 11, 12
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In this lesson, students are then encouraged to explore their personal strengths and aspirations, define their personal mission statement, and then conduct in-depth research into their field of interest.

Key objectives for students
Create a personal mission statement to utilize in career planning
Clarify a green career of interest through self-reflection and knowledge of green career opportunities.
Match personal interest and aptitudes to selected careers.
mission statement
Communication skills
Real-World Application
Background information for teachers

Additional resources and a list of possible green careers are available to provide background information as needed.

Materials needed

• Mission+Vision+Skills (video or slide presentation)
• Mission+Vision+Skills worksheet
• Crafting a Personal Mission Statement worksheet
• Green Career Goals worksheet
• Additional Resources
• Green Careers List
• Syllabus

Key vocabulary
mission statement, core values, vision, backcasting
Time Exercise Description
30 minutes Watch “Mission+Vision+Skills” presentation and use worksheet Have students watch the video or use the slides and talking points to present the materials
40 minutes Worksheet “Crafting a Personal Mission Statement” A self-reflection writing exercise and report out to class
60 minutes Worksheet “Green Careers Goals” Identify personal interests and aptitudes with job requirements and characteristics of a green career. And report out to class.

See Syllabus, worksheets, and related instructor guides for additional teaching instructions.

Presentation: “Mission+Vision+Skills” (video or slide deck + worksheet)
The video or slide presentation prompts students to think deeply and strategically about their career aspirations. Additionally, it introduces techniques that can be used throughout their reflection and planning process.

Activity: Personal Mission Statement
This activity guides students through the process of creating a personal mission statement, which is a useful point of reference to have throughout all aspects of a career. It will help students to clarify their big-picture goals, articulate their career aspirations, and make decisions about what career opportunities to pursue.

Activity: “Green Career Goals”
The activity prompts students to Identify personal interests and aptitudes with job requirements and characteristics of a green career.

Optional activities:

Reflection Questions

Use the following questions to prompt critical thinking and guide students to reflect about the lesson:

  • What personal qualities are most important to you? In your relationships? In your work? In how you look at the world?
  • If you were on the forefront of shaping our future, what would you do?
  • What do you need to do today to reach your vision of success?
  • What is your skillset?
  • What skills do you want to learn or develop?
  • What is your greatest professional strengths? Your greatest professional weaknesses?
Standards assessment

CTE Standards:

Lesson can align with either one depending on which career cluster(s) you focus on.

Career Cluster Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (AG)
AG 5 - Describe career opportunities and means to achieve those opportunities in each of the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Pathways.

Career Cluster Architecture & Construction (AC)
AC 7 - Evaluate a wide range of career pathway opportunities for success in architecture and construction careers.

Community connections

Reach out to local professionals to speak to class (in person or via webcam), allow students to visit or interview staff, and/or host job shadowing sessions.

USGBC local communities are a great source of sustainability sector professionals.

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has partnered with Nepris, Inc. to connect our network of LEED and sustainability professionals with K-12 classrooms across the world, using sustainability concepts as a context for learning across a variety of subjects. Through this innovative partnership, students get exposure to green career pathways; teachers benefit by adding real-world application to classroom curriculum, and professionals get the opportunity to inspire future generations to contribute to a sustainable future.

Professional Development Opportunities

The Green Classroom Professional Certificate is recommended to provide teachers with the knowledge to identify what supports or impedes healthy, resource-efficient and environmentally sustainable learning spaces.

[LEED Green Associates] ]( have a documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices, and are committed to their professional future.

Education @USGBC is USGBC’s education platform for sustainability industry professionals’ professional development. An annual subscription provides unlimited access to hundreds of courses.


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