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Lesson 8: The Life of a Fuel

Authored by Facing the Future

120 minutes
Allocate two 60 minute classes to complete this lesson
Primary subjects: 
9, 10, 11, 12
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On Day 1, the class learns about the typical supply chain of a fuel. Small groups then research and create a poster to show the supply chain of a biofuel derived from a particular feedstock. On Day 2, students participate in a gallery walk to learn about the different ways to improve the sustainability of biofuels. Lesson 8 is a continuation of this unit’s PBA.

Key objectives for students
Identify the steps involved in the production and use of transportation fuels
Research a specify type of feedstock that could be used to produce aviation biofuel and create a poster to show its supply chain
Suggest how the supply chain of a particular fueld could be made more sustainable
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