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Part 2: EXPLORE - Defining Management Strategies

90 minutes
two 45-minute classes
Primary subjects: 
9, 10, 11, 12
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Students learn about the difference between industrial and artisanal fisheries while exploring the challenges of open access fishing. They play the role of a fisheries management specialist and use data on catch and catch per unit effort to determine the best management strategies for two important species.

Key objectives for students
Define “fishery” and differentiate between and artisanal and industrial fishery.
Detail some of the threats to fisheries around the world.
Explain why Peru has one of the world’s leading fisheries, describe the threats to fishing, and explore the ways that groups are working to make fishing more sustainable in Peru.
Compare and contrast between two types of fisheries data (catch per unit effort and catch).
Analyze fisheries data from Peru to determine the health of a fishery.
Using data analysis, determine the impacts of El Niño on a fishery.
Secondary subjects
Biology, Environmental Science
Fisheries, sustainability
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