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STEMhero Stage I: Identify and read real data sources

6, 7, 8
Essential questions
In what ways do water, electricity, and natural gas shape my life and my community?

Students know when they are empowered with investigations that are real and personal. Rather than have students calculate their “expected consumption” or rely on data from bills (which might be unavailable or be limited to monthly/quarterly readings), this opening module leads students to identify and collect themselves real data from sources measuring the student's actual consumption! All students can participate because STEMhero allows students to collect data from any type of meter (water, gas, and/or electricity) located anywhere (at student's’ home, school, or community building) -- we even have a set of virtual meters in case there are really none available. The module ends with students successfully taking their first real reading, setting them up to discover what they actually use (often far different than what was estimated by an online calculator) and to design efficiency improvements that they will implement and analyze.

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