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Light Pollution

Two 50-minute sessions

In this lesson, students shed light on the subject of light pollution. They begin by observing the difference between natural light and artificial light. Then they watch a video about our "losing the dark." Next, students discuss some of the negative impacts that excessive light has on humans and wildlife. Students then participate in a fun, active simulation, role-playing what it's like to be a sea turtle hatchling trying to make its way to the sea. In the second session, students take a close look at streetlight designs. They experiment with different designs using a flashlight and paper plate, and then they consolidate what they've learned with a couple of worksheets and a tour around the school building. At the end of the session, students are encouraged to take materials home to share with their parents and to complete an at-home investigation of the lights in their neighborhood. Students and their parents will never look at streetlights the same way again!

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