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Intro to Green Building Benchmarking

Intro to Green Building Benchmarking

Essential questions: 
How can we use data and benchmarks to make my school building more efficient?
How can we use models to understand green buildings?
How does my behavior impact the efficiency of my school building?
How can we use what we learn from green buildings to help our community achieve its sustainability goals?

The Intro to Benchmarking lessons are designed to help your students understand the science behind buildings, while exploring sustainability concepts and actions to improve the ongoing operations of the school itself.

  • What if you did not have to leave the school to provide real world learning experiences for your students?
  • What if the “real world” experiences you provide your students are right under your feet; or right down the hall?
  • What if the experts you need to help deepen understanding were actually already in your school building and waiting for you to “see” them?

These lessons will help you find answers to these questions in the building where you work, and where your students learn and play.

The Intro to Benchmarking lessons – two each for elementary and middle school, and three for high school – are part of the Building Learners program and are available through the full program or for access separately through your Learning Lab subscription. The lessons will ease both you and your students into the topic of green building science by introducing key vocabulary and concepts through a case study of the Boston Latin School (BLS), the oldest yet greenest school within Boston Public Schools. This case study provides a foundation that will allow you and your students to discuss green building science with each other and explore elements of your own school building. The lessons introduce models and best practices for using data to improve a school's "sustainability performance" related to energy, waste, water, transportation, indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

These lessons were developed by Green Schools National Network (GSNN) for USGBC as an exemplar of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)-aligned instruction.