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Where does energy come from?
80 minutes

3 / 4

In this lesson, students learn about two forms of energy: kinetic and potential. After distinguishing between the two forms in several photo examples, they use a fun kinesthetic activity to model potential and kinetic energy. Then, by investigating whether several different types of citrus fruits can light a small LED, students explore how potential energy can be converted to kinetic energy to create electricity. The Extend activities get students thinking about and brainstorming alternative energy sources that could solve energy issues in the future.

What is energy?
How do our bodies use energy?
35 minutes

Arts, Science

In this lesson, students craft hanging suns that they then use to gather energy—warmth—from the sun. They use their senses to learn about the sun in various contexts, and they recognize and describe ways in which the sun is valuable to us, especially as a source of energy. Students then share what they’ve learned by decorating their hanging sun to express what we love about the sun.