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Climate Impact

Climate Impact

Essential questions: 
How does renewable resource usage contribute to lengthening the time we can use fossil fuels?
Why is it important to implement renewable resources into the energy grid despite costs and other impediments?
How does excess carbon dioxide in the ocean change the chemistry of the water?
Can climate change be considered a public health issues?
Are climate-related conditions affecting the health of your community?

Renew-a-Bean (Kickoff): Students will compare and contrast the sustainability of renewable resources vs. nonrenewable resources. Students will be able to articulate the impacts of decisions about energy resources and consumption.

The Ocean Carbon Balance: Students will conduct an experiment that demonstrates the range of the pH scale and how carbon dioxide increases the acidity of the oceans.

Public Health Survey: Students will explore how public health can be significantly affected by environmental factors and how climate change is disproportionately disruptive in “sacrifice zones/disadvantaged communities.” Students will conduct research on public health issues in their communities and investigate effective uses of evaluation tools.

Community/Career Connections: Students will utilize localized climate data and news from their communities to learn more about what’s going on in their own backyard. Students will have access to various resources to understand the environmental justice history of their area and start to plan their Student Action Project.